Packing Supplies and U-Haul Truck Rental

U-Haul Truck Rental

U-Haul truck for rent in Port Coquitlam by Imperial Self Storage

For your moving and storage convenience, we are also a certified U-Haul dealer. You can reserve, pick-up, or drop off rented U-Haul trucks just by calling our office at :

604 464-5090 during office hours,

or e-mail us any time of the day for a quick and easy transaction.

For the latest pricing and U-Haul truck rental rates, please click here.

Packing Supplies

     Storage Boxes

1.5 Cu. ft. – Cube Boxes (16¼” wide x 13? high x 12¼” deep )
2 Cu. ft – Cube Boxes (18? wide” x 12¾” high x 15¼” deep)
4 Cu. ft – Cube Boxes (18½” wide x 21? high x 18¼” deep)
6 Cu. ft – Cube Boxes (20? wide x 26½” high x 20½” deep)
File Boxes
Wardrobe Boxes (24? wide x 45½” high x 20? deep)
Small Mirror Boxes (26½” wide x 37? high x 4” deep)
Large Mirror Boxes (32½” wide x 48? high x 4” deep)

Storage boxes for sale by Imperial Self Storage

     Protective Covers

Single Mattress Bags (2 per pkg)
Double Mattress Bags
Queen Mattress Bags
King Mattress Bags
Sofa Covers
Chair Covers

Self storage locks for sale by Imperial Self Storage Port Coquitlam

     Miscellaneous Packing Supplies

Dish Cell Kit
Glass Cell Kit
Dust Covers (covers 200 sq ft)
Bubble Wrap (large – 4? x 10?)
Stretch Wrap (small – 3”)
Stretch Wrap (large – 13”)
Tape Dispenser
Paper (10lb – 200 sheets)
Buffalo Locks
Moving Labels
Storage/Fragile Labels
Rope (50?)
Large variety of Locks

Moving and packing supplies for sale in Port Coquitlam

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