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How To Winterize a Personal Water Craft (PWC)


Jet Ski at dockWhether you live in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, or the Lower Mainland, winterizing your personal water craft for storage is important since low temperatures can damage your PWC if it’s not properly winterized for storage.   Winterizing your PWC for storage is not difficult, but is crucial and fundamental for all mechanical components to work and operate properly and consistently.

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How to Winterize Your Car for Winter Storage

Ford AC Cobra Once again, it is that time of the year when the kids are going back to school, the leafs are turning brown, and your favourite ride has given you another summer of fun and enjoyment. Whether you are driving an older classic like a ‘67 Mustang, or a new Vette, it is critical that you consider proper storage procedures before you place your ride in winter storage.

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How to Adjust a Roll-Up Door

Roll-Up Doors in a Self Storage FacilityProper and continuous maintenance of overhead roll-up doors is very crucial given the fact that our facility houses over 1,000 storage lockers.  With that many lockers, maintenance of doors becomes a daily routine in order to maintain and provide a user friendly storage complex for our clientele.

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Benefits of Heated Storage

Heated Storage LockersWhen storing your furnishings in a self storage facility, one must consider the type of furnishings that are stored, and the type of storage unit or locker used for storage.  For example, items such as wood furniture, electronics, documents, clothes, photographs, artwork and any other valuable possessions are all sensitive to extreme humidity levels.

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What to Do Before You Move :

Storage Locker LockMoving can be a difficult experience, and hopefully this post can help you, make your move stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Before packing, the most important aspect to consider is to provide yourself with enough time to do the job right. Start to pack at least a month in advance. Remember, everything always takes longer than anticipated.

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